Launch Your Own Tech Powered Work From Home Business In 6 Weeks

Even if You have never set up a work-from-home business before
and are worried about wasting your time, money & effort

Are you feeling lost and unsure about how to start your own virtual assistant business?

Do you recognize this feeling?

You understand the importance of working at your own pace, on your terms, and from anywhere you choose, while demanding the fees you deserve. However, the lack of adequate information and the multitude of elements required for a profitable launch have left you feeling insecure, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

But what if launching your work from home business could be hassle-free?

Imagine having all the essential information, training, systems, swipe files, and templates readily available to launch your virtual assistant business profitably and begin the journey to earning 6 figures from home.

Picture yourself confidently embracing the title of a professional virtual assistant, free from fear and insecurities. You’ll put your best foot forward as you embark on this exciting journey.

Let us work together for a successful launch and to help you create a profitable virtual assistant business, step by profitable step.

Introducing The Virtual Assistant Launchpad, the ultimate program you need to launch your virtual assistant business profitably and effortlessly.

This comprehensive program is designed to help you establish efficient systems and processes that would typically take other VAs years to develop, all within just 6 weeks.

With The Virtual Assistant Launchpad, you’ll gain invaluable insights into finding paying clients and discovering the best platforms to connect with them.

Throughout the program, you’ll receive my undivided attention, ensuring you receive personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

The Virtual Assistant Launchpad is not just another online course—it's your key to unlocking a lucrative career as a virtual assistant.

Here’s what you’ll gain by enrolling today:


What You'll Learn in This Program

Are you ready to take control of your career and build a thriving virtual assistant business? Look no further than The Virtual Assistant Launchpad! This comprehensive 6 weeks program is designed to provide you with all the essential knowledge and tools you need to kickstart your journey as a successful virtual assistant.


1st September - 13th November 2023

In this module, we will explore the core concepts and principles of virtual assistance, including its role in supporting businesses and individuals in a remote work environment. You will gain insights into the various responsibilities and tasks typically performed by virtual assistants, as well as the key traits and qualities that make a successful virtual assistant.

In this module, we will delve into the essential aspects of positioning yourself effectively as a virtual assistant. Throughout this learning journey, we’ll cover the fundamentals of understanding the right business model and explore the significance of cultivating the right mindset for success in this dynamic field. We will unlock valuable insights and set the stage for your thriving virtual assistant career!

In this module,  we will dive into the crucial steps of creating a client avatar or client persona for your virtual assistant business. Understanding your ideal client and their needs is essential for building strong and lasting relationships. Additionally, we will explore the art of branding your virtual assistant business to stand out and attract the right clients for sustainable success. We’d craft a powerful brand identity and connect with your target audience like never before!

In this module, we will explore two critical components of building a successful virtual assistant business. We’ll delve into the significance of conducting thorough market research within your niche. Understanding your target market’s needs, preferences, and pain points will provide valuable insights to tailor your services effectively.

Next, we will dive into the art of pricing and packaging your services. Determining the right pricing strategy is vital to ensure your services are competitive and reflect the value you offer.

In this module we will discuss the crucial elements of systems and processes that are the backbone of a profitable, productive, and efficient virtual assistant business.

Building effective systems and processes is key to streamlining your workflow, increasing productivity, and ensuring consistent results for your clients. We’ll explore the best practices for creating efficient workflows, automating repetitive tasks, and implementing time-saving strategies.


This module will discuss the diverse avenues for effectively marketing your virtual assistant business. From email marketing to leveraging social media platforms, we’ll cover the essential marketing activities that will elevate your brand and attract valuable clients.

Discover how to craft compelling email campaigns that engage your audience and build strong relationships. Unleash the power of social media marketing to connect with potential clients and showcase your expertise. By the end of this module, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of various marketing techniques and the tools to promote your virtual assistant services with confidence. 



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Nkemjika Okoye
Almost 3 years ago, my family had some financial trouble and I was looking for a way to add to the family’s finances since my 9 – 5 was paying so little.


I was on the lookout for how to make money online when I learned about virtual assisting.
Did some research and discovered @iambankeadebayo. I reached out to her, took the Virtual Assistant Course, started my business, and resigned in the 2ne month.

The Virtual Assistant Course helped me start my social media management business and earn from home. I have gone from earning N33,000 to multiple 6 figures.

The Virtual Assistant Course gave me wings and I am thankful I took the course when I did.

I am a stay at home mum and I now earn more than I ever did in my 9 – 5. I recommend this course to anyone looking at starting a Virtual Assistant Business.

– Nkemjika Okoye, Vanks Virtuals

IMG_6868 - Omodolapo Lawal

Prior to signing up for Anne Ruth Marie, I had a background as a student studying Biochemistry at the University of Lagos.

It was during this time that I was introduced to the program by Mrs. Temi. She noticed that I had already started providing virtual assistance to people without charging, and she saw the potential in me. Recognizing the need for guidance and a better understanding of how to brand myself as a virtual assistant, she recommended that I take the Anne Ruth Marie program.

Taking the program was a decision I’m glad I made. It was an exciting journey filled with valuable teachings and insights. I appreciated the detailed approach to the lessons, which allowed me to grasp important concepts such as pricing, branding, and the different categories of virtual assistants. The program equipped me with the knowledge and tools I needed to position myself effectively in the virtual assistance industry.

As a result of the program, I achieved several significant milestones. Firstly, I secured a part-time job as a virtual assistant, which provided me with practical experience and allowed me to further develop my skills. Additionally, the program enabled me to confidently discuss my virtual assistance services with others, effectively promoting myself and my abilities.

I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have gained as a result of taking the program, and I look forward to continued growth and success in my virtual assistance career.

Omodolapo Lawal

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The support your students will have access to


Each week, we'll be hosting interactive live sessions. These sessions will serve two main purposes: first, to comprehensively review the module for the week, and second, to collaboratively tackle the tasks scheduled for that week.


The dedicated community on Mighty Networks is a space is designed to foster community building, provide a platform for mutual accountability, and facilitate group collaborations.


All our classes come complete with comprehensive workbooks, engaging worksheets, and a wealth of resources. These materials are designed to assist you in thoroughly comprehending and implementing the concepts covered in each module.

Hi! I'm Banke

Starting my virtual assistant business in 2017 stands out as one of the most rewarding decisions I’ve made in a while. However, witnessing women who have completed my courses and programs go on to establish thriving and profitable virtual assistant businesses has been the most gratifying aspect of these past few years. My unwavering dedication lies in empowering women towards achieving financial independence, and I’ve chosen virtual assistance as my means to achieve this goal.

Having experienced firsthand the empowerment and financial fulfillment that comes from working at home, I extend a warm invitation to you.

I am inviting you to take advantage of my skills as an accelerator and let’s work together in 6 weeks to launch your own tech powered business. I do not just talks the talk but I walk the walk.

Join the community of women who have partnered with me to successfully kickstart profitable virtual assistant businesses.

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