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  • Understanding the Difference: Why Virtual Assistants Shouldn’t Prepare for Interviews

    With the increase in the number of people who now work remotely and the increase in companies hiring for remote positions, the need to truly understand Virtual Assistance & Freelance and its idiosyncrasies is more pronounced than ever.

    More and more content and programs are being created for remote workers, and one of the prevailing themes is preparing for interviews. However, more concerning to me is the recent obsession that virtual assistants have with this theme, actively working on aspects that will not serve them in the least.

    One major reason why preparing for an interview as a Virtual Assistant is a step in the wrong direction is because of one very simple pivotal reason… Virtual Assistants do not have interviews; they have discovery calls, and they are in no way the same.

    While an interview is between an employer and a prospective employee, a discovery call is between a Virtual Assistant and a prospective client. The dynamics differ, and so does the preparation.

    A sample interview question taken from one of the resources shared to help people looking for remote opportunities is “Why do you want to work here?” This is a question that a prospective client will never ask because they are not employing you. They reached out to you based on your skill set and the possibility that you may be able to handle a certain task for them, and their question will be along the lines of what you can offer them regarding their pain points.

    A question that a prospective client is likely to ask is “How long will my task/project take?” This isn’t a question someone seeking a permanent remote work opportunity is expecting to hear. They are expecting to work long-term and not on tasks.

    These are just a few disparities in the questions or discussions likely to happen during an interview or a discovery call, so it is important to understand what is required of you when getting on a call with a prospective client as a Virtual Assistant instead of getting on every new fad that has “remote work” on it. 

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